J. Gorgemans: AP1000 Plant Approach to Safety

Termín: 16. 2. 2023
Odkaz: Odkaz na web
Please plan to join us for an engaging lecture on the safety processes Westinghouse has implemented within the AP1000 technology, including the approach to defense-in-depth, a description of the passive safety systems and the robustness of the technology against an extreme, Fukushima-like event. Additionally, you will learn about a once-in-a-lifetime internship program opportunity scheduled to occur at Westinghouse Headquarters in the United States during the Summer of 2023! Westinghouse will be selecting several Engineering students from the university to participate in this career-enhancing program. Ing. Julie Gorgemans – Project Engineering Manager, EMEA New Build Projects at Westinghouse Electric Company. She is responsible for the technical coordination of engineering support to the development of new build projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


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