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CTU Global Postdoc Fellowship Round II at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Vice-Chancellor of the Czech Technical University in Prague invites applications for the CTU Global Postdoc Fellowship Program, Round II at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU.

This new and attractive two-year fellowship-program offers excellent researchers who have recently completed their PhD the chance to continue their research career at CTU. Fellows will receive a two-year fellowship and become members of a team led by a mentor.

The fellowship aims primarily at external international scientists who are currently conducting research abroad. Applicants must prove completion of their PhD within the last seven years (i.e., 2015 or later), no later than the start date of their employment contract. The fellowship aims at authors (co-authors) of two or more publications in a journal with IF. The mentor has a strong vote in the selection process.

The CTU Global Postdoc Fellowship is open to topics listed below in this document. Researchers are invited to apply directly to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Applicants who successfully passed the Round I interview and were not eligible due to not proving a successful completion of their PhD may also be considered.

Expected start date: Spring 2022

Application deadline: December 31, 2021

Research topic:

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