CTU CarTech formula team has enjoyed great success at Formula Student Hungary

The CTU CarTech formula team has experienced sensational results at one of the most established educational motorsport competition. The formula with a modern internal combustion engine achieved an impressive 3rd place in the 2012 Formula Student race in Hungary. Earlier this year, the team reached the 19th place in Germany. In 2011, the CTU team reached the 2nd place in Formula Student competition which took place in Spain.

The new all- electric version of formula that celebrated its premiere competition in Györ has reached the 19th place. Congratulations!!!

Formula Student sees universities from across the globe challenged to design and build a single-seat racing car in order to compete, demonstrate their understanding and test the performance of the vehicle. To achieve success, students need to organise the processes exactly the same way as if they were employees in a real company.

The first contest was organised in the USA in 1981. Now, Formula Student races are held on several continents.


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