Institute of Intermedia cooperated on a new dance project STRAW MAN

STRAW MAN is a new multimedia dance project created as a result of a cooperation between AV MEDIA, an art association CIANT, Institute of Intermedia, FEL ČVUT (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) and the New Scene of the National Theatre of Prague brought together for Divadlo 3000 (Theatre 3000) Project. This project aims to inspire authors and artists and offer them a way to utilize the newest technologies in their work. The performance STRAW MAN, premiered on 3. 10. at the New Scene, explores the theme of .puppet reign. and combines spectacular choreography, contemporary dance, digital scene, video mapping and tracking dancers. movements. A seminar on utilization of interactive multimedia technology in theatre work was held on 2. 10. at the small hall of the New Scene of the National Theatre.

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