Professor Hein, a renowned expert on satellite navigation, was awarded an honorary degree by the Czech Technical University in Prague

The Czech Technical University in Prague awarded a degree honoris causa to the head of ESA.s (European Space Agency) GNSS Evolution programs (for example Galileo and EGNOS programs). Professor Hein is a world.s renowned expert on satellite navigation. With his team, he successfully contributed to new signal improvements for satellite navigational programs. These signals have been used in the Galileo system and are responsible for ensuring its high accuracy and good quality even in bad environment conditions.

Professor Hein has been actively showing interest in research results in the area of satellite geodetics and navigation of the Czech Technical University in Prague since 1994. He has been closely following our students. performances at many international competitions and kindly assisted them with valuable and effective insights. In 1999, he invited our CVUT research workers to a consortium at a conference held in Essen to participate on the Galileo system development and recommended them to various programs at leading international conferences. He organized a lecture on CVUT activities in the area of satellite navigation at Bundeswehr University in Munich (2007). He has always been keen on providing our students and pedagogues valuable expert consultations regarding the Galileo system and its signals including comments in publications.

The CVUT Academic Council has followed a recommendation of the dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and awarded a degree doctor honoraris causa to professor Hein and thus acknowledged his significant contribution to the satellite navigation programs development and methods for assessing their optimal signals. The Council especially considered his continuous support of cooperation between the Czech Technical University in Prague, Bundeswehr University in Munich and ESA.

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