One-semester projects

This is a list of topics for one-semester project for visiting students. Those who are interested should contact the supervisor by email well in advance to discuss detailed specification. The student will be registred only after approval of the supervisor. Number of credits will be allocated individually according to each specific project.

Detailed info about all projects

Preservers in Quantum Information TheoryProf. RNDr. Jan Hamhalter, CSc.
Statistical model of line of sight shadowing of GNSS satellitesPavel Kovar, Assoc. Prof.
Implementation, simulation and performance evaluation of modulation, coding and synchronization algorithms in multi-node multi-user wireless networksprof. Ing. Jan Sykora
Automated Impedance Measurement and Model FittingŠtěpán Matějka
Modal Analysis of Electrically Small Radiatorsass. Prof. Pavel Hazda
Diversity techniques for Wireless Optical NetworksAss. Prof. Stanislav Zvanovec
Optimization of Lead-Free Soldering ProcessKarel Dusek
Spark Plasma Sintering and Plasma Spray Technology of SilicatesJosef Sedlacek
Using anti-collision system data for radar-like visualization (ST, BT, DT)Miroslav Macík
COLLADA Viewer in WebGLProf. Žára
Context model specification using sensors (ST, BT, DT)Miroslav Macík
Constructive Solid Geometry on GPULadislav Čmolík
GridCut integrationDr. Sýkora
Perfect group fotoDavid Sedláček
Database for IVE toolIvo Malý
Visualization of milling simulation errorsPetr Felkel
Automatic movie generation using flight-logs (ST, BT, DT)Miroslav Macík
Multimodal tablet application for exploration of small indoor spaces for visually impaired childrenJan Balata
Efficient Nearest-neighbour Fields ComputationMichal Lukáč
Simulation of snow accumulationJaroslav Sloup
Comprehension of Text Entry Methods on Interactive TV by Elderly UsersOndřej Poláček
Texture Parameterization for Large Polygonal ModelVlastimil Havran
UIP Visual Editor (ST, BT)Miroslav Macík
Data-efficient weather situation delivery (ST)Miroslav Macík
Weather station user interface (ST, BT)Miroslav Macík
Aspects of Conversational Quality MeasurementsAssoc. Prof. Jan Holub
Visualization of a 3D Motion Capture Sensor NetworkIng. Pavel Pačes, Ph.D.
Small Satellite Platform Electronic and ControlIng. Pavel Pačes, Ph.D.
Full-Motion Simulator Control Interface and Flight EvaluationIng. Pavel Pačes, Ph.D.
Monitoring of humidity in building insulationProf. Pavel Ripka
Comfort monitor for sick buildingProf. Pavel Ripka
Intelligent detection frameProf. Pavel Ripka
Comparison between noise of orthogonal fluxgate and off diagonal GMIIng. Mattia Butta, Ph.D.
Magnetic gradiometer based on orthogonal fluxgateIng. Mattia Butta, Ph.D.
Orthogonal fluxgate in fundamental mode with magnetic tapesIng. Mattia Butta, Ph.D.
Non-conventional energy supply and communication protocols for contactless indoor/outdoor sensor nodesIng. Jan Včelák, Ph.D.
Sensor node for the NDT of building structuresProf. Pavel Ripka
Adaptive load control in PV(Photovoltaic) island systemsIng. Jan Včelák, Ph.D.
Extensive-form games solution conceptsBranislova Bosansky
Multiagent planningAntonin Komenda
ADCS system for a CubeSatIng. Martin Hromcik, Ph.D.
Camera-based guidance of a six-axis robotPavel Burget, Ph.D.
Combinatorial algorithms acceleration on GPUsŠůcha Přemysl, Ing., Ph.D.
Continuous testing of CAN bus support in LinuxIng. Michal Sojka, Ph.D.
Evaluation of methods for measurement of a position on a planar surfaceIng. Zdeněk Hurák, Ph.D.
Modelling of dispatch control of the electricity transmission systemIng. Ondřej Novák
Programming of Profinet diagnosticsPavel Burget, Ph.D.
Robotic table footballPavel Burget, Ph.D.
Simulation in digital factoryPavel Burget, Ph.D.
Subsystems and solutions for small UAV: development and verificationIng. Martin Hromcik, Ph.D.
Task mapping and scheduling using column generationŠůcha Přemysl, Ing., Ph.D.
The use of symbolic execution for testing of safety-related softwareIng. Michal Sojka, Ph.D.
Usage of the IQRF technology to control photo lensesOndřej Nývlt
Capacitor-less low drop out regulator in CMOS technologyJiří Jakovenko
Gas sensor with surface acoustic wave (SAW)Miroslav Husák
Switched-mode high power current sourceJulius Foit
Radiation Effects on SiC Power DevicesProf. Pavel Hazdra
Design, fabrication and investigation properties of polymer optical multimode planar waveguidesIng. Václav Prajzler PhD.
3D Reconstruction of Mars & MoonIng. Tomáš Pajdla Ph.D.
3D Reconstruction on GPUIng. Tomáš Pajdla Ph.D.
3D reconstruction on iPhoneIng. Tomáš Pajdla Ph.D.
Microscopy image processing and digital pathologyDoc. Ing. Jan Kybic Dr.
Multimodal recognition of objects and victimsIng. Tomáš Svoboda Ph.D.
Advanced signal processing for health care (CTG)Doc. Ing. Lenka Lhotská CSc.
Advanced signal processing for health care (EEG)Ing. Václav Gerla Ph.D.
Advanced signal processing for health care (PPG)Doc. Ing. Lenka Lhotská CSc.
Medical decision support systemIng. Michal Huptych
Mobile technologies for health careDoc. Ing. Lenka Lhotská CSc.
Turing's Imitation Game - Transcript AnalysisProf. Kevin Warwick
Visual odometry (SLAM) from omnidirectional cameraIng. Tomáš Svoboda Ph.D.
Bipolar patients analysisIng. Daniel Novák Ph.D.
Smart Grid: Intelligent Scheduling of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Storage CapacityIng. Martin Macaš Ph.D.
Automated processing of eye-movement signalsIng. Martin Macaš Ph.D.
Smart Grid datasets: SurveyIng. Martin Macaš Ph.D.
Functional MRI of hypercapnia dataDoc. Ing. Jan Kybic Dr.
Optimal MRI acquisition times for brain tissue segmentation from signal relaxation curveDoc. Ing. Jan Kybic Dr.
Open Street Maps for Mobile Robot NavigationDr.rer.nat. Martin Saska
Learnable predictors for detection and tracking in images and videosIng. Tomáš Svoboda Ph.D.
Extended sniffer agent for observing non-trivial communication protocolsIng. Jiří Vokřínek Ph.D.
Logical analyzer for a visualization of multi-agent simulationsIng. Jiří Bíba
Renegotiable Competitive Contract Net Protocol for flexible cooperation in competitive environmentsIng. Jiří Bíba
Visualisation of graphs in Ing. Petr Buryan
Adaptive OptimizationDoc. Ing. Filip Železný Ph.D.
Management concept of Smart Grids networksZdenek Brabec
Bio-inspired Information ConcealingLukas Kencl
SIP Server Traffic AnonymizerLukas Kencl
User identification with utilization of depth sensor data (e.g. Microsoft Kinect, Asus Xtion PRO, etc.)Roman Hak
Interactive multi-touch gesture recognitionRoman Hak
Interactive 3D gesture recognition utilizing a depth sensor (e.g. Microsoft Kinect, Asus Xtion PRO, etc.)Lukas Kencl
Use of Ripley's K function in femtocell environmentsRobert Bestak
Models for femtocell networksRobert Bestak
Virtualization of VoIP serversRobert Bestak
Nonlinear Schrödinger equationsMichal Lucki
Android logistic assistant for storage areasLukas Vojtech
System for unique identification of goods using NFC tagsLukas Vojtech
Software Radio on Digital Signal ProcessorPavel Zahradník
Karhunen Loeve and Discrete Cosine Transforms on Digital Signal ProcessorPavel Zahradník
Support for Laboratory Education in Digital Signal Processing in MatlabPavel Zahradník
Laser Beam DeflectorPavel Zahradník
Estimation of signal to noise ratio of mobile usersZdenek Becvar
Path selection for date delivery in femto-cloudZdenek Becvar
Analysis and processing of intracranial EEGIng. Petr Ježdík, PhD.
Analysis and processing of Multichannel Surface EMGIng. Jan Sedlák
Analysis and Assessments in Speech PathologyIng. Jan Rusz, PhD.
Small Vocabulary Speech Recognition in EnglishDoc. Ing. Petr Pollak, CSc.
Electronic Circuit Analysis in Maple programass. Prof. Jirí Hospodka
Design of Digital Filter in Maple programass. Prof. Jirí Hospodka
Determination of hemodynamic parameters and primary screening of atherosclerosisIng. Jan Havlík, Ph.D.
Vital Signs Monitoring - hardware design and implementation of methodsIng. Jan Havlík, Ph.D.
Modal Analysis of Electrically Small Radiatorsass. Prof. Pavel Hazdra
Energy and economic effectiveness of biomethane production and utilization - fuel cycle approachJaroslav Knápek
Power System Stability Analysis in Island Operation Modeprof. Ing. Josef Tlusty, CSc.
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