Faculty of Electronic Engineering Czech Technical University in Prague (FEE CTU) offers a new accredited study program - Open electronic systems

This completely new BA and MA study program at CTU, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, will be opened for applications in the following 2013/14 academic year. The program will allow students to start their careers in high-tech industry and enable them to become unique and wanted graduates at the job market not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

The Open electronic systems program covers the field of modern electronics, communication technology, radio and electronic systems and other progressive technologies. It is built on the idea of education .pyramid. where the lower floor must always be more solid and wider than the higher ones; in other words, the core of university knowledge stands on a valid timeless theory.

The study program involves compulsory courses focused on mathematical and physical bases used in most technical fields and courses providing with universal training in a wide range of subjects dealing with electronic systems field. The program OES is opened for international applicants. The English study materials increase a chance to succeed in a global job market.

The MA program built on the bases of the BA program encourages students to choose from a wide range of specialization within a specific field. The graduates of OES program will be prepared for creative work in the area of technologically unique products development. For example, in the field of communication and signal processing they will learn mathematic algorithms through operations with signal, they will acquire the skill to design digital and analogue HW for RF and DSP and in the field of integrated electronic systems, the students will learn to create complex systems using basic physical principles.

For more information regarding the OES program, go to the website http://oes.fel.cvut.cz.

prof. Ing. Jan Sýkora, CSc., Faculty of Electronic Engineering CTU
tel.: 00420 224 352 256
e-mail: info.oes@oes.fel.cvut.cz

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