Cortex Challenge Finals 2015

The finals of Cortex Challenge 2015 using kits STM 32 Nucleo with core ARM Cortex processors took place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU in Prague on Friday, September 18, 2015.

The contest is organized by the Department of Measurement (team led by Doc. Ing. Jan Fischer, CSc.) and supported by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and company ST-Microelectronics, which also provided prizes for the first three finalists.

First place went to a student of SKODA AUTO, a.s. Secondary Apprentice School Mr. Ondřej Fidra for the project "Laser burner." The project has a high level and can be compared with bachelor projects at FEE. Mr. Fidra is going to study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, study programme Cybernetics and robotics.

The other two places went to students of SPŠE Ječná (Secondary Technical School). Projects "Design and implementation of module with sensors for Nucleo" and the project "Digital oscilloscope" were awarded.

More photos can be found on website SPŠE Ječná.

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