The team of the Department of Measurement succeeded in contest Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge (TIIC).

AMRMAG project investigated by Viktor Fúra and Vojtěch Petrucha (members of the Department of Measurement) won the award in the student contest Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge (TIIC) - Europe Design Contest.

Texas Instruments is one of the world's largest producers of analog and digital electronic components. Innovation Challenge is one of TI activities supporting students. Students deal with any project (design, programming, measurement), the only requirement is to use at least three integrated circuits manufactured by Texas Instruments in the project. Students summarize the results of their project in the final report, which is evaluated by TI experts. Students gain a lot of experience in the project and they can get TI development kits and attractive financial rewards.

Project AMR magnetometer (AMRMAG) was dealt in MAGLAB laboratory at the Department of Measurement, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It fits to the larger framework of long-term development of magnetic sensors and magnetometers. Developed device could be used for example for reference measurement of magnetic field gradient to detect automobiles.

Bc. Viktor Fúra, student of the Department of Measurement, based his thesis on the project. The thesis includes the initial design of magnetometer, mechanics, electronic circuits and firmware for the control microprocessor, even measurement verifying the functionality of the device.

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