We have supplied state-of-the-art cloud chamber to CERN

The unique device makes radioactivity visible to naked eye has been produced under the framework of the Nebula start-up by students Ondřej Zbytek and Ondřej Svoboda from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, along with Valery Mezentsev from the University of Economics. CERN had ordered production of the device from the students and it is now on display at the Microcosm exhibition in Geneva.

Students developed the most advanced cloud chamber in history with the world-leading innovations during 2015. The cloud chamber is already installed in Switzerland´s CERN and successfully completed its test run in June.

The device displays usually invisible radioactivity and includes several unique features. Its creators implemented the CrystalViewTM technology that makes it possible to observe activity in the chamber with unprecedented contrast and sharpness. The cloud chamber for CERN has the world's first robotic system for insertion of radioactive emitters. This allows you to see artificial radioactivity as well. The apparatus also offers the possibility of automatic injection of radioactive radon gas, a small amount of which illustrates the half-life of the individual chemical elements.

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