Faculty of Electrical Engineering presented the interactive facade

The Interactive light installation LINKY was switched on at the south side of the facade of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Dejvice on 25 February. The installation, created at the Institute of Intermedia, was designed by prof. Marian Karel and prominent glass artist and sculptor Josef Šafařík of Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, co-founder of the Institute of Lighting Design Jakub Hybler and director of Institute of Intermedia Roman Berka.

The interactive facade has an opportunity to communicate with its surroundings, such as through mobile applications. After dark, light will not create smog, as it has a clever product trait, which monitors the intensity of the emitted radiation. Project LINK poses as light-based information channel that enables the university to present its research and creative activities to the public in appropriate manner.

In the future, the project should serve primarily as a live interactive tool for the visualization of any process. In parallel with the illumination of facades, a website that offers visitors a way of creative involvement in the project was established. The design of the LINK installation is an interdisciplinary project of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Architecture, CTU.

The web portal iDnes.cz also informed about the festive light up.

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