The Science Night – Friday September 30th, 5 PM

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague will lead you from electron to the flash. What can you expect:

You can feel like a pilot thanks to an interactive flight simulator with motion platform and 3D visualization technique.

In the high-voltage lab we will create a flash.

The ladies from the wITches will deactivate the bomb using IT power.

We will talk about energy and discuss the blackout phenomenon - its causes, consequences and ways to prevent it.

We'll show successful implementations of the work of Microelectronics students and teaching facilities with the elements of the electronical security system.

We will explain how the security software STRATOSPHERE IPS can detect and prevent dangerous behavior on the network using machine learning.

Have you seen the fruits playing music? You can listen to our Banana piano. When you touch the fruit, it makes sound using sensors attached to the platform Arduino.

We will show you the medical electronics – the possibilities of its use for medical diagnostics, scanning and processing of biological signals, modeling of biological systems and its use of assistive technology.

We will let you know what the active safety systems are. Take a look at the development of automated control systems for automotive, especially parking assistance systems and active safety systems.

We will demonstrate LEGO robots of various shapes and abilities (attacking scorpion or acrobat balancing on the ball).

Our students will present their successful project eForce FEE Prague Formula. They construct the new type of student electrical formula every year to represent it at the international engineering competition Formula Student.

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