Student Pavla Hudcová succeeded with a project that points out the light pollution

Results of the Gratias Tibi prize, awarded by the People in Need society, were announced in Prague's Lucerna cinema at the end of May. The project ‘Let’s save the darkness !’, overseed by Pavla Hudcová, student of the Electronics and Communications study programme at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, had won in the category for secondary schools.

Pavla Hudcova leads a group of students from Ondrejov, whose project, ‘Let’s save the darkness !’, intends to draw attention to the issue of light pollution of the night sky. This brings risks not only for humans but also for animals and plants. Students had collected all available information from various international research on the impact of light pollution and created videos and teaching materials, that can be used to inform the public and children about this current issue.

The jury was intrigued by Pavla Hudcova's project and awarded it with the first price.

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