PhD students from Prague are doing research at Aschaffenburg University

Two PhD students from the Technical University in Prague, the engineers Martin Urban and Ondrej Nentvich, are presently performing a five-week research stay at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. In the context of the Bavarian-Czech cooperation project JEUMICO, financed by the funding agency BAYHOST, the scientists are testing sensitive detectors for a Czech research satellite.  Under the extreme conditions of outer space these sensors should measure the remaining humidity inside the satellite and study a potential icing of the astronomical X-ray detector.  At present the two Czech scientists are evaluating the high-frequency properties of these satellite components under vacuum conditions in cooperation with the German professors Thorsten Döhring, Manfred Stollenwerk und Georg Wegener. In summer 2018 the sensitive measurement instruments will leave Earth´s atmosphere on board of a NASA research rocket to demonstrate their function in orbit. 

Professor Wegener, Ondrej Nentvich, Professor Döhring, Professor Stollenwerk, and Martin Urban (from left to right) are happy about the successful Bavarian-Czech research cooperation. (Picture: Tilo Gockel / Aschaffenburg University)

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