Doc. Hudec's team continues to research the solar wind

Experts from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU, led by docent René Hudec, continue to work closely with foreign partners in the preparation of ESA and China's international satellite project. This is a rare case when the space agencies have selected a proposal with the Czech top-level participation in the main consortium for the final realization of ESA satellite scientific project.

The aim of the project is to investigate Earth's magnetosphere response to the flow of charged particles from the Sun. This phenomenon is also known as the solar wind. Measurements will be made using a unique method using small widescreen UV and X-ray telescopes. One of the minor objectives of the SMILE project is to increase of public interest in space and environmental sciences, by displaying Earth's magnetosphere, which was previously invisible.

The SMILE stands for Solar wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer. It is a smaller satellite weighing 300 kg with a payload of 60 kg. Its launch into space is scheduled on 2021.

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