Student formula cars and motorcycles will be presented at the Dejvice Campus

On Wednesday, October 2nd, Technicka Street will traditionally turn into a racing circuit, where one will be able to see two latest formulas and three CTU student teams' motorcycles during the demonstration rides. A day with formula cars and racing motorcycles attracts fans of motorsport and electromobility. Spectators can admire formulas and motorcycles with an internal combustion engine or electric drive at demonstration rides.

Demonstration rides start at 10:00 before noon. At the Formula Day event, students will present the eighth generation of the electric-powered formula of the eForce FEE Prague Formula team and the CTU CarTech team with their the eleventh version of single-seater with an internal combustion engine. The formulas will start at Technická Street every hour, from 10:00 to 14:00. The CTU Lions student team from the Faculty of Transportation Technology of CTU will also present themselves. CTU Lions will show 2 motorcycles with an internal combustion engine and one with an electric motor. These are road racing motorcycles similar to the Moto3 category participating in the Spanish motorcycle races in the Motostudent and MotoEngineering cup competitions.

In addition to dynamic demonstrations, there will be concurrent presentation of innovations and technical solutions of both formulas and all motorcycles at their stands. Visitors will learn interesting facts about formulas and their creators. Formula teams consist of an average of 30 undergraduate and graduate students who study primarily at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In the combustion formula team, one group is engaged in the technical solution of the monopost and in the electric formula team there is a special group in addition to the mechanical group, which solves the electric side of the car. Every student involved in design, construction, testing, race and other project-related events will test their technical, human and language skills and knowledge in practice. In addition to winning the European competition of Formula Student /SAE, the project provides students with great experience and training for future engineers. The CTU Lions team consists of an average of 10 students, mostly from the Faculty of Transportation Technology. The team is divided into two basic groups of students dealing with the construction itself, the driving characteristics of the motorcycles and the economic side and design of serial production of each motorcycle being developed.

Contact person: Kateřina Antošová

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