The students' survey for the summer semester 2019/2020 open

This summer semester is overshadowed by measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. FEE students have adapted without difficulty:

Survey opens

The evaluation of the courses is an important feedback at all universities. The purpose of the survey is to obtain feedback for teachers and the faculty management. The survey is organized and conducted by CTU for all faculties (for more information).

Filling the survey is absolutely anonymous (the survey cards are processed outside the faculty). It is possible for the students to reveal the anonymity and express their approval to the publication of their email address together with the comments.

The draw will take place September 11, 2020. The process of the draw and its announcement will be supervised by the committee consisting of prof. Jiříček (the Senate), prof.Páta (the Dean) and doc. Jelínek (the Vice-Dean). The result will be published not later than October, 2020.

Three prizes will be drawn: tablets or their equivalent in the value of 7000 CZK.

Important Dates

June 12, 2020 Survey opens for successfully completed subjects1.
September 11, 2020 Survey draw takes place.
September 11, 2020 Survey is open for the subjects registered, but not completed yet to provide the students who have not completed the subject with the opportunity to comment on the course of study, or on the problems with the termination of the subject enrolment.
September 20, 2020 Survey is closed.

Survey cards can be filled in on the standard survey website.

The evaluation of the results will be held in accordance with the approved schedule.

The survey results are of a high priority of the Heads of Departments and the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, along with the Senate of the Faculty. The students´ evaluation in the survey is an important tool for the Heads of Departments and the Dean to take measures for improving the quality of the educational process.

June 12, 2020

doc. Ing. Jiří Jakovenko, PhD. vicedean

1 It is necessary to wait 24 hours until the information on completing the course is reflected in the survey. This is automatically done daily at about 22:00.

Responsible person: