CTU student formula cars and motorcycles dominated the Dejvice Campus today

CTU student projects were presented to the public on Technická Street on Wednesday, 30 September during the exhibition entitled Day with formulas and racing motorcycles of CTU 2020. In addition to electric and combustion formulas from the workshops of CTU CarTech team from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and from the eForce FEE Prague Formula from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, for the second time this year the racing motorcycles of the CTU Lions team from the Faculty of Transportation Technology and the first Czech autonomous electric formula of the eForce team showcased as well.  

For security reasons, this year's event had to do without the traditional press conference. Nevertheless, the students presented the results of their year-round work to their partners. The eForce team presented the first autonomously controlled student formula monopost in the Czech Republic and the results of its efforts in the online Formula Student Online competition. With the first generation of autonomous monopost, the eForce team reached the 4th position. The students have beaten prestigious world universities, such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and ETH Zurich in their first races. With the electric formula, the team managed to occupy the 10th position. The CTU CarTech team also participated in the Formula Student Online competition, where it was among the finalists in the design category. In the end, the team finished 4th with the combustion formula. Last but not least, the CTU Lions team presented the concept of their new electric motorcycle, with which they will take part in the finals of the Motostudent competition in Aragon, Spain  in March 2021. Representatives of the CTU management, headed by the rector doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc, also participated at the event.

In addition to their results, the teams presented the technical design of the monoposts to the participants. The main attraction of the event has traditionally been the demonstration rides of all cars and motorcycles along the closed Technická street in front of the CTU buildings. Interested students had a unique opportunity to join the teams and work with them on new machines for the upcoming season. The entire event was broadcast online via the YouTube platform for those interested in joining teams but could not attend.

Formula Student Competition

Both teams that construct racing cars, CTU CarTech and eForce FEE Prague Formula, take part in the Formula Student competition, which is held all over the world. Students compare their strengths not only in riding disciplines, but good results in presentation disciplines are equally important for overall success. Students present the technical design of a race car, as well as, for example, a cost study or business plan, where they try to offer the product to potential investors. The competition reflects current industry trends, and students often outperform the standard solutions with their innovations.

The Motostudent competition

The CTU Lions team is the only team in the Czech Republic to participate in the Motostudent international student competition. The task is to develop and build a racing motorcycle corresponding approximately to the Moto 3 category. Each season lasts two years, individual technical reports on the course of development and the team's business plan are gradually submitted. The reports describe the entire development process, from the selection of specific design solutions, through the choice of which parts to buy, which to build on your own, or have them manufactured, to the description of testing the built prototype. At the end of the season, all teams will meet for the final race in Aragon, Spain, going through demanding technical inspections and then a regular race on the circuit. In addition, the team participates in another series of the Moto Engineering Cup races, held several times a year, typically on one of the circuits in southern Europe.

Combustion engine formula FS.12 of the CTU CarTech team

In terms of the two-year cycle, the FS.12 monopost in our team focused more on optimization rather than on revolutionary concept changes. We managed to increase the aerodynamic pressure by 10% thanks to a new diffuser, side wings and modification of the front wing flaps with a 5% increase in resistance. We designed our own cams for the engine from the Yamaha R6 motorcycle for a better performance curve and produced a smaller carbon tank. From previous years, we took over the design of titanium drains and exhausts, carbon intake and a total reduction of 30 mm using a dry tub with an external lubrication circuit. All these modifications contribute to a maximum output of 59 kW, which is transmitted to the rear wheels via a new four-speed transmission. Semi-automatic paddle shifting under the steering wheel is used to change gears. In racing mode, petrol consumption reaches 18 l / 100 km. The biggest change was the use of carbon wheels, which together with low-profile tires saved 8 kg of rotating masses. We designed the handles on the carbon monocoque and the rear frame for the use of low and high profile tires while maintaining the same suspension geometry. From the measured data, which was obtained wirelessly in real time thanks to the new telemetry, students decide which tires to use next season. The designers also lightened many other parts, so the total weight stopped at only 187 kg.

Autonomous formula DV.01 of the eForce FEE Prague Formula team

The self-driving formula marked DV.01 is a revolutionary novelty of the eForce team for 2020. A self-supporting body and axles from the successful electric formula of the 2018 season were used for the monopost. Unlike classic manned electric vehicles, the autonomous formula has sensors that allow it to perceive the world. In addition to commercial stereo cameras used to recognize optical depth, the formula also uses LIDAR technology, which measures the distance with a laser beam. It uses machine learning to detect obstacles, specifically the YOLOv2 and YOLOv3 neural networks. Route planning then takes place with the help of an algorithm tested on its own random route generator.

Electric formula FSE.09 of the eForce FEE Prague Formula team

The ninth generation of the FSE.09 electric monopost is another step forward for the entire team. It follows on from last year's successful car, which, especially with the help of optimizations, is once again trying to get closer to the imaginary perfection. The shape of the carbon monocoque of the sandwich construction was retained, but its composition was optimized and thus the weight was reduced and the torsional stiffness was increased. The cooling of the powertrain circuit has been moved to a more convenient location in the rear of the car on the diffuser. It is now significantly more efficient and allows the team to use even higher performance. The Aero package has been lightened due to better dimensioning of the structure and now provides a pressure of 5% higher while maintaining the same resistance force. The suspension team focused on the possibility of changing the chassis settings in a few moments. The FSE.09 is a car that still relies on the skill of team pilots. The innovative steering wheel interface system now allows them to personalize the car's settings in a few clicks. Innovative driving assistant functions, such as yaw controller, traction control and torque vectoring, make the car more manoeuvrable and faster than ever before.

Photo: Petr Neugebauer, ČVUT FEL

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