We celebrated 50 years since the founding of computer graphics in the Czech Republic

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of computer graphics in the Czech Republic, a commemorative seminary took place in the building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering on Thursday, 20 February. The event consisted of presentations of founders and witnesses of computer graphics from various workplaces in the Czech Republic. Photographs of historical equipment and projects were not the only things presented during the seminary, but also unique memories of the beginnings of computer graphics in the Czech Republic.

The development of computer graphics is connected with the development of computers and their peripherals. In the Czech Republic, however, this period was marked by a period of normalization. Despite this hindrance, prestigious workplaces have been established in the Czech Republic, currently at par with renowned world universities.

Representatives of CTU, UWB in Pilsen, BUT and MU in Brno recalled the development of computer graphics at individual universities.


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