Christmas video with robots of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering: Making of

Watch in a short video how our Christmas card was made with FEL CTU robots and researchers in the main roles. The Christmas video with robots has so far been viewed by more than 25 thousand people on social media of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU.

The filming took place on the premises of the Campus at Charles Square in the Zenger Lecture hall and its foyer. The video features SPOT "robodogs", hexapods Scarab and Daisy, crawler robot Charlie, wheeled robot Husky, balancing robot SK80, humanoid robots iCub, Pepper, Nao and Ludvík assembled from LEGO, drone X500 and LEGO robot playing the keyboard. The most important players appear at the end – researchers from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU.

The story of the video toys with the autonomous behavior of robots. Although robots are making progress in terms of their autonomy thanks to the work of computer scientists at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU, they are still far from celebrating Christmas "autonomously". Their movements and dancing are facilitated by hours of work by their programmers and operators. An example is the humanoid robot Pepper, who in the video imitates playing the whistle and whose movements had to be programmed in advance.

The creators tried to show in the video the best that the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU has to offer in the field of robotics. They managed to bring to the Christmas tree robots from several scientific departments - Vision for Robots and Autonomous Systems and Multirobotic Systems (both at the Department of Cybernetics), the Artificial Intelligence Centre (AIC) at the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Control Engineering, including the Robocompetition.

The video was produced by baohaus producer Oliver McGillick and directed by Oliver Beaujard and Nina Zardalishvili. The cinematographer was Daniel Hotový.

For more information about the Christmas video and its creation, please follow this link.

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