Klára Janoušková, student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, about her internship at IBM in Zurich

Klára Janoušková, a student of Open Informatics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU, has been working on computer vision, specifically on text detection and recognition, for example on a photo taken on the street. With this project, Klára has already completed an internship at the University of Barcelona. Currently, her one-semester internship in Zurich, Switzerland, is coming to an end after she had successfully passed the demanding selection process for the IBM Great Minds program.

The prestigious program by technology company IBM offers a handful of selected talent the opportunity to work with top scientists at a world-leading facility. And what's it like to work in an IBM lab? "Compared to the university labs I've worked in, I definitely notice a difference, I would say IBM Research in Zurich is somewhere in the middle between the university and corporate environment, maybe a little closer to the university environment. But for me as an intern, corporate matters don't matter to me that much," says Klára.

She would definitely recommend such an internship to all students, "Especially if you are interested in applied research and have no experience with a similar lab. If you don't want to extend your studies, summer holidays are ideal, but if you don't mind extending, or you've already been on an exchange anyway, I'd recommend about half a year - it takes time to get acquainted with a project and if you're there longer, you're more likely to be able to work on an interesting project with more impact."

You can read the full interview with Klara Janoušková here /in Czech only/.

Photo source: Klára Janoušková