For students

8. 2. 2021

Given the current epidemiological situation and the estimate of its future development, teaching in the first four weeks of the summer semester of the academic year 2020/21 will take place in a fully distance form. Any extension of the distance form will be specified based on the current situation.

11. 1. 2021

Accommodation of students to take an exam in January 2021

23. 9. 2020

Rector's letter to the students

23. 9. 2020

Public Health Passenger Locator Form

21. 9. 2020

Dean's letter for first-year students in bachelor's degree programs - welcome, matriculation

16. 9. 2020

Information for students quarantined in connection with COVID-19 and students with symptoms corresponding to COVID-19

  1. Quarantined students

    Students in quarantine will be excused for their absence from contact teaching during the quarantine period.  The student is obliged to apologize to all teachers by e-mail, which will be accompanied by an attachment of either a certificate from the hygienic station or an affidavit signed by him/her about the quarantine order.

    The student is also obliged to inform the Dean's Secretariat about the quarantine by email at Students are required to provide additional supporting information:

    • which other persons from CTU he/she has met with,
    • if they study at several CTU faculties at the same time then name the faculties,
    • if accommodated in a dormitory, they will indicate which dormitory, block, and room,
    • or eventual requirement to provide quarantine accommodation (this also applies to students who are not currently staying in the dormitories).

    Absences caused by quarantine are not counted in the total number of possible absences for individual lessons. Example: The head of the department, or a teachers permits two absences – see Art7 par 5 SZŘ. If the quarantine measure (10 days) causes the absence of two lectures, this absence will not be counted and the student may be absent 2 more times.

    Students will be allowed to study contactless or provided materials for self-study.

  2. Students with symptoms corresponding to COVID-19 (especially a body temperature of 37 °C or higher, cough, shortness of breath, digestive difficulties, loss of taste or smell, general weakness)

    These students may not participate in contact learning.

    The student is obliged to apologize to all teachers by e-mail, to be accompanied by an attachment which will be a signed affidavit of symptoms of illness or cold. An apology must be sent immediately, either in advance or at the latest on the day of the lesson, otherwise it will not be taken into account by the teacher.

    Students will be allowed to study contactless or provided materials for self-study.

All students are obliged to follow Rector's Order 2020/16 and other measures that will be continuously posted on the FEE website -, link Coronavirus – summary information.

6. 4. 2020

According to Article 36, Paragraph 3 of Study and Examination Code we declare the following measures:

  1. Possibility to cancel subject registration

    In case the student is not able to study any subject in the distant learning mode, he or she can cancel the subject registration until 4. 5. 2020 at the latest. Student ask his or her study assistant in the Study Office to cancel the registration. After the date above, cancelations cannot be accepted in any case. The third registration of the subject will also not be accepted.

  2. Change in the total number of credits in semester or Academic Year

    The mandatory number of credits to continue in the next Academic Year is set as follows:

    • First year of bachelor studies - 20 credits for Academic year,
    • Second and higher year of bachelor studies - 30 credits for Academic year,
    • First year of master studies - 30 credits for Academic year,
    • Second and higher year of master studies - 30 credits for Academic year.

Jiří Jakovenko, vice-dean

30. 3. 2020

Dear Students,

In the present extra-ordinary situation, you are no doubt asking questions about how your studies are going to proceed. Although these are very uncertain times, and practically anything can change, we would like to provide some basic information and some certainty for you. We are not able to provide a specific plan or scenario for your studies. The only certainty is that we have moved over to contactless teaching, and we urgently ask you to make use of this and to study. Despite all the uncertainty, we will create conditions for you to continue successfully with your studies, and we will help you in every situation. In justified cases caused by the extra-ordinary situation, the deans will make use of their right to take measures to waive inappropriately strict application of the Study and Examination Regulations. If any of you has any problems and needs help, do not hesitate to turn to me or to your dean. The “skills of an engineer” include dealing with problems. Therefore, take this period of contactless learning and teaching as a test of your and our abilities, which are not dictated by a study plan, but by life itself. Your success is our success, and we will do our very best. We wish you good fortune, success and, above all, good health.

Vojtěch Petráček, your rector
Jiří Máca, Michael Valášek, Petr Páta, Igor Jex, Ladislav Lábus, Pavel Hrubeš, Ivan Dylevský, Marcel Jiřina your deans
Vladimíra Dvořáková on behalf of MIAS

20. 3. 2020

Dear students,

As you know, the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic is leading to a prolonged closure of the faculty. By the begining of the next week, starting 23. 3. 2020, we are moving fully to remote (distance) teaching. We have worked intensively to make this form of teaching work. Great thanks goes not only to your teachers, but especially to the teams from the faculty departments of SVTI and CZM. They have prepared platforms for distance learning, hardware background, filming and streaming lectures on youtube and writing instructions for both teachers and students. Teachers of all their subjects have already given information about the forms of distance learning on Moodle and CourseWare. It is clear that remote teaching cannot replace the face to face teaching associated with the transfer of personal experience. Not to mention laboratory teaching. These forms will be flexibly included after the end of crisis measures.

We all take this difficult situation as a challenge, which can on the other hand lead to an improvement in all the teaching materials as well as a kick-start for some new forms of teaching which have so far been hard to imagine.

We are intensively dealing with the issue of shifting some dates in the academic year schedule. It is a relatively complicated task, because the shift of one term means a shift of many other follow-up terms. We would hate to draw hasty conclusions. We would like to assure you that we will do our utmost to accomodate you in all respects so that you can successfully perform all your study duties and to successfully complete not only this semester, but also your entire studies. However, everything depends on how long the contactless lessons will last. Unfortunately, this is difficult to predict at the moment.

CTU has now managed to get free access to the BOOKPORT service into operation. It is an online library that allows you to read thousands of titles from Czech publishers such as Publishing House GRADA, Publishing Portál, Galén, Publishing House Jota and others. Read completely without restrictions. You can use technical literature for study or fiction in your free time. Information on other free access to information resources can be found on the Central Library of CTU website.

We would like to assure you that we will do everything we can to ensure that the interruption of contact teaching has no adverse effects. To do this, we will do our utmost to provide you with all the support, information and study materials. I have a good feeling about how quickly we managed to fully transit to distance learning. Although I realize that much will still need to be replenished and tweaked. If you are not sure about anything, please do not hesitate to contact your teachers, guarantors, vice-deans or me. You can also find up-to-date information on the faculty website and

The situation is difficult for everybody and places high demands on us all. Thank you for showing solidarity and willingness to help others. Together we can get through it.

I wish you success, not just in your studies.

prof. Mgr. Petr Páta, Ph.D., dean

18. 3. 2020

Dear students,

As of today it has been one week since our faculty closed in compliance with the Rector’s Order. For the past week, we have been working hard to prepare online teaching, which is currently in the test mode. I am truly pleased by your interest. The development of the situation in the Czech Republic determines a continuing closure of our faculty. For this reason, we are going to fully switch to online teaching. We are not able to foresee how long this situation will last. We ask you to be tolerant of your teachers and problems in online teaching that might occur. For each course, you should start seeing information in Moodle and CourseWare on how online teaching will be organized. Everything should be ready by this Friday.

We are also trying hard to work out whether certain deadlines in the FEE Academic Calendar will need to be postponed. We do not want to rush our decision; it is a complicated issue as postponing one deadline will in turn put off many other following deadlines/dates. We assure you that we are going to try our best to meet your needs so that you can complete your study obligations and finish this semester or your studies.

Let us take this situation as a challenge and let us make the FEE better through it.

doc. Ing. Jiří Jakovenko, Ph.D.

Responsible person: prof. Mgr. Petr Páta, Ph.D.