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A0M37ZV2 Audio Technology 2
Roles:V Extent of teaching:2+2L
Department:13137 Language of teaching:CS
Guarantors:  Completion:Z,ZK
Lecturers:  Credits:4
Tutors:  Semester:Z


This course deals with advanced topics related to audio technology in recording studios, namely room acoustics, multichannel signal recording and reproduction, digital audio signal processing, its impact on auditory perception, audio signal optimization from the psychoacoustic point of view. Measuring methods related to these topics are also presented.

Study targets:

Students acquire knowledge on fundamentals and applications of room acoustics and principles of sound signal processing in recording studio practice.

Course outlines:

1. Acoustics of closed spaces
2. Subjective and objective methods of room acoustics evaluation
3. Design in room acoustics
4. Measuring methods in room acoustics
5. Acoustics in small spaces
6. Sound insulation
7. Audio signal discretization. Dithering.
8. Psychoacoustical optimization of acoustic signals
9. Digital signal recording. Recording standards from CD to Blue ray
10. Magnetic analog audio recording
11. Mechanical and optical analog audio recording
12. Digital restoration of archive mechanical and magnetic audio recordings
13. Multichannel sound pickup, processing and spatial audio reproduction. Compression of multichannel audio.
14. Reserve

Exercises outline:

1. Introduction
2. Room acoustics design
3. Optimum sound reinforcement
4. Measurement in room acoustics
5. Visit to reverberation room
6. Auralization
7. Subjective evaluation of multichannel sound pickup
8. Analysis of discrete signals
9. Analysis of methods of psychoacoustical optimization
10. Noiseshaping, Delta-sigma modulation
11. Measurement of basic properties of recording on CD, DVD and SACD
12. Measurement of a gramophone record, digital restoration of archive audio recordings, removal of typical artefacts
13. Measurement of a magnetophone record, digital restoration of archive audio recordings, removal of typical artefacts
14. Presentations of results, test


Kahrs, M.- Brandenburg, K.: Applications of Digital Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers. 1998. Godsill, S.- Rayner, P.:Digital Audio Restoration. Springer-Verlag London. 1998. Hartmann, W.: Signals, Sound, and Sensation. Woodbury: American Institute of Physics. 1997. Talbot-Smith, M.: Audio Engineer?s Reference Book. Oxford: Focal Press. 2002. Eargle, J. : Handbook of recording engineering. Springer 2006 Kuttruff, H.: Room Acoustics Spon Press 2009


Input level of knowledge: AE2M37ZVT /education/bk/predmety/12/81/p12811804.html To complete the course students need to finish all assigned work in seminars or lab practices , including the final test. For details see



Room acoustics, audio signal processing

Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MPBIO1 Biomedical Informatics V
MPBIO2 Biomedical Engineering V
MPIB Common courses V
MPKME1 Wireless Communication V
MPKME5 Systems of Communication V
MPKME4 Networks of Electronic Communication V
MPKME3 Electronics V
MPKME2 Multimedia Technology V
MPEEM1 Technological Systems V
MPEEM5 Economy and Management of Electrical Engineering V
MPEEM4 Economy and Management of Power Engineering V
MPEEM3 Electrical Power Engineering V
MPEEM2 Electrical Machines, Apparatus and Drives V
MPKYR4 Aerospace Systems V
MPKYR1 Robotics V
MPKYR3 Systems and Control V
MPKYR2 Sensors and Instrumentation V

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