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AE0B16PRS Presentation skills
Roles:P, V Extent of teaching:2s
Department:13116 Language of teaching:EN
Guarantors:  Completion:Z
Lecturers:  Credits:2
Tutors:  Semester:Z,L


Students will learn to prepare and to do presentation. They will obtain skills how to prepare written documents using typographic principles and proper way of citation and referencing. They will prove gained theoretical knowledge on self prepared interactive presentation that is recorded on video and discussed.

Course outlines:

Exercises outline:

1. Principles of document creation - types, structure, techniques of creation
2. Logic of document structure
3. Typographic principles, citation and referencing.
4. Work with document, case study, typical mistakes.
5. How to create presentation.
6. SW support of presentation creation.
7. Utilization of multimedia.
8. Assignment of task for preparation of presentation.
9. Oral presentation, typical mistakes.
10. Nonverbal communication.
11. Students presentations. Evaluation.
12. Students presentations. Evaluation.
13. Students presentations. Evaluation.
14. Assessment.


1. Bradbury, A.: Sucessful Presentation Skills (3rd edition), Kogan Page, 2006
2. Rotondo, J., Rotondo, M.: Presentation Skills For Managers, McGraw-Hill, 2001



Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
BEEEM1 Applied Electrical Engineering P 1
BEEEM_BO Common courses P 1
BEEEM2 Electrical Engineering and Management P 1
BEOI1 Computer Systems V
BEOI_BO Common courses V
BEOI3 Software Systems V
BEOI2 Computer and Information Science V
BEKYR1 Robotics P 5
BEKYR_BO Common courses P 5
BEKYR3 Systems and Control P 5
BEKYR2 Sensors and Instrumentation P 5
BEKME1 Communication Technology P 4
BEKME5 Komunikace a elektronika P 4
BEKME_BO Common courses P 4
BEKME4 Network and Information Technology P 4
BEKME3 Applied Electronics P 4
BEKME2 Multimedia Technology P 4

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