Dean's Award for Prestigious Dissertation Thesis

Conditions of the award:

  1. The thesis is written and defended in English, a substantial part of it is presented at an international conference.
  2. At least one opponent is an internationally renowned expert and he or she assesses the thesis as exceptional in quality.
  3. The thesis is based on articles published or accepted for publishing at least in one journal with an impact factor of Q1, of which the student is a main author
    the student’s publications have a significant number of citations in WoS, Scopus or Google Scholar. This condition can be replaced with another type of prestigious response, for example Best Paper Award of prestigious international conference.
  4. The dissertation is submitted within five years from the commencement of the study. An exception is granted in a situation which contributes to the quality of the work and expertise of the student (typically a long-term internship abroad) or which takes into account social or medical reasons (e.g. the recognized period of parenthood, taking care of close relatives, a long illness).

The Award is given to the thesis which accomplishes all above-mentioned conditions.

The proposer prepare a short explanation highlighting benefits to the field and originality of the work.

The thesis is put forward to the Dean for the award by the Chairperson of the Committee for Dissertation Defense, the Head of Department or the Vice-dean for Science. The proposal is submitted electronically to and in copy to

The author of the award-winning work and his or her supervisor or supervisor specialist receive an honorable mention from the Dean and a financial reward. The prize is usually presented at a meeting of the Scientific Council.

Authors of the award-winning works

Responsible person: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.