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PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Stanislav Popelka) 23.06.2021
Conference SIMANE 2021 24.06.2021-25.06.2021
Euroteq Teaching Fund - Short project presentations 24.06.2021
PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Martin Ledvinka) 24.06.2021
DAIDALOS - Post-Human Creativity: The Use of AI in Art 24.06.2021
PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Martin Kněnický) 25.06.2021
PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Dalibor Barri) 28.06.2021
PhD Thesis defense (MSc. Victor Emile Phillippe Claerbout) 29.06.2021
PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Ibrahim Ahmad) 30.06.2021
Conference EAEEIE 2021 + conference and the competition eLearning 2021 01.09.2021-04.09.2021
CyberSec&AI Connected 2021 04.11.2021-05.11.2021

Responsible person: Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk