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Czech language courses for foreign CTU employees 29.08.2021-24.11.2021
Astroneutrino Theory Workshop 2021 20.09.2021-01.10.2021
Sixth Call CELSA Research Fund 20.09.2021-25.11.2021
Informational meeting for new doctoral students with their Vice-Dean 21.09.2021
Scientific Writing and Publishing in English 22.09.2021
PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Gustav Šír) 22.09.2021
CTU-MQ workshop on Sensors 23.09.2021
ACM ICPC Central Europe Regional Contest 2020 (CERC 2020) 25.09.2021-26.09.2021
Euroteq webinar: Transition to online learning 28.09.2021
PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Tomáš Báča) 30.09.2021
PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Martin Čerňan) 01.10.2021
Euroteq: Teacher´s Day Conference 05.10.2021
TalTech Teachers' Day 05.10.2021
CyberSec&AI Connected 2021 04.11.2021-05.11.2021

Responsible person: Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk