11.04.22 Labs Can Move Back Home or to the Dorms. Students of the CTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering Have Been Given a Unique Teaching Tool

Teachers of the Department of Control Engineering of CTU FEL developed and provided students with home robotic laboratory sets. Thanks to a special teaching robot, the demanding subject of Automatic Control, including lectures, exercises and laboratories, can now be studied completely remotely. The concept of a home lab, which only a few top universities in the world are experimenting with in this field, came about during the lockdown. Currently, the department is also deploying robots in standard semester classes and is about to test their use across the entire Cybernetics and Robotics study programme.

28.03.22 Project AutoFair Receives 3,8 Million Euros From the EU

We are coordinating the big EU-funded research project in fair artificial intelligence. Ethical aspects of AI systems lie at the center of the AutoFair project –⁠ its aim is the development of explainable and transparent algorithms.

21.03.22 The eForce FEE Formula Student Team of Faculty of Electrical Engineering Succeeded in Cambridge

The eForce team at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which works on development and design of electric formula racing cars and autonomous electric formula racing cars, presented at the University of Cambridge in the UK from 16 to 19 March 2022. Representatives of the team gave a series of nine lectures and workshops on specific topics related to formula design for the local Full Blue Racing student team at the Department of Engineering (DoE).

16.03.22 Video: Drones From the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Are Mapping the Church of St. Moritz in Olomouc

Unmanned helicopters with on-board intelligence, or robotic drones, are helping the conservationists during the restoration of the St. Moritz Church in Olomouc. They have been developed by the Multirobotic Systems group from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) as part of a unique project called Dronument (Dron&Monument) supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and in cooperation with the National Heritage Institute (NHI).

31.01.22 A thousand tons by one hand. Nature Materials has published a paper on a “superlubricant” discovered at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

An international team led by the Advanced Materials Group at the Department of Control Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Mengzhou Liao, Paolo Nicolini, Victor Claerbout, Tomáš Polcar) has taken advantage of the unique properties of so-called two-dimensional materials and measured the lowest coefficient of friction to date: one millionth. With such low friction, it would theoretically be possible to move an object weighing a thousand tonnes with just one hand. The work was published in the prestigious Nature Materials journal in January 2022.

20.01.22 Faculty of Electrical Engineering introduced Nanolaboratory, a laboratory for nanoelectric technologies for 40 million CZK

The new laboratory will satisfy the demand of Czech companies for experts in the design and implementation of semiconductor chips.

03.01.21 Doc. Helisová: Probability and Statistics (video course)

The students are introduce to the theory of probability and mathematical statistics. Random events, conditional probability and random variables are defined, examples of the most common random variables are mentioned, and estimating parameters and hypotheses testing is explained. All the computing methods are shown on practical examples.

Responsible person: Ing. Radka Šmajsová