Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is the highest elected body of the Academic Community at the Faculty. The Senate has the authority over key Faculty issues: for instance, it elects the Dean, approves internal statutes and the budget, nominates the members of the Scientific Council.

The Senate, however, is also a group of people who are deeply interested in the operation of the Faculty, who want to actively communicate with the management of the Faculty, and continuously improve the conditions for working and studying here at the CTU. Please feel free to share your ideas, concerns and suggestions with the members of the Senate. 


Please contact the Chair or any other member of the Senate with your concerns, ideas, suggestions, or particular problems.

The current Chair of the Academic Senate is: doc. Ing. Jaroslav Roztočil, CSc.

The Senate room is located in the Dejvice building, block A3, room 517, phone +420 22435 3900.

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Responsible person: Ing. Jan Koller, Ph.D.