13000 / 13117 - Grants - 2012

13000 / 13117 - Department of Electromagnetic Field

Projects Supported by Grants 2012

Hazdra, P.: Analysis and Multicriteria Optimization of Compact Radiating Structures based on Modal Decomposition
2012 - 2015, GAP102/12/2223
Macháč, J.: Investigation of metamaterials and microwave structures with the help of noise spectroscopy and magnetic resonance
2009 - 2012, GA102/09/0314
Macháč, J.: Participation in the work and representation of the Czech Republic in the Society IEEE MTT-S
2010 - 2012, LA10040
Macháč, J.: Artificial Electromagnetic Structures for High Frequency Technology
2010 - 2012, SGS10/271/OHK3/3T/13
Mazánek, M.: Novel Emerging Wireless Systems
2009 - 2012, OC09075
Mazánek, M.: Advanced Modeling and Technologies for Antennas and Sensors
2012 - 2015, LD12055
Pechač, P.: Propagation Modeling of Shadowing by Vegetation for Mobile Satcom & Satnav Systems
2009 - 2012, OC09074
Pechač, P.: Basic Research of Radiometeorology Properties of Tropospheric Ducting Layers by Using Artificial Intelligence Methods
2010 - 2012, GAP102/10/1901
Pechač, P.: Intelligent Infrastructures for Cognitive Networks
2010 - 2012, OC10005
Pechač, P.: MIMO Channel Modeling and Cooperative Transmission Techniques in Hybrid Terrestrial and Satellite Networks
2012 - 2013, 7AMB12GR052
Pechač, P.: Propagation Models for Interference and Frequency Coordination Analyses
2012 - 2014, 4000105298/12/NL/CLP
Pechač, P.: Wireless Friendly Energy Efficient Buildings
2012 - 2015, 286333
Škvor, Z.: POSTER 2012
2012 - 2012, SVK 19/12/F3
Švanda, M.: Electromagnetic Properties of Radiating Structures and Artificial Screening Surfaces in the Close Vicinity of the Human Body
2012 - 2014, GPP102/12/P863
Vrba, J.: Development of a Flexible and Energy-Efficient Pressurised Microwave Heating Process to Produce 3D-Shaped Renewable Bio-polymer Foams for a Novel Generation of Transportation Packaging
2009 - 2013, REBIOFOAM FP7-NMP-2007-SM
Vrba, J.: Development of a flexible and energy-efficient pressurised microwave heating process to produce 3D-shaped renewable bio-polymer foams for a novel generation of transportation packaging
2009 - 2013, 7E09105
Vrba, J.: Research and Measurements of Signals Generated by Nanostructures
2011 - 2013, GAP102/11/0649
Vrba, J.: Development of High Power Wide Spectrum Sorces of Light for Application in Medicine
2012 - 2014, TA02010854
Vrbová, B.: Optimalilzation of hyperthermia treatment planning by using microwave diagnostisc and new types of thermotherapeutic superposition applicators
2012 - 2012, SGS12/070/OHK4/1T/13
Vydra, T.: Advanced techniques in the processing of industrial materials and biopolymers using electromagnetic field - multi-frequency processing
2012 - 2012, SGS12/071/OHK3/1T/13
Zvánovec, S.: Quadrupole Interactions as a Powerful Tool for the Conformational and Structural Analyses of Biochemically and Astrophysically Important Molecules
2010 - 2013, GAP206/10/2182
Zvánovec, S.: Optical Packet Switch
2011 - 2013, TA01011105
Zvánovec, S.: Advanced techniques of component design for sensor systems
2012 - 2013, SGS12/142/OHK3/2T/13
Zvánovec, S.: Research of Ambient Influences on Novel Broadband Optical Wireless Systems (RAINBOWS)
2012 - 2015, LD12058
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