Meet us at Comic-con Prague 2023

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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, together with Aignos, will surprise the visitors of the Prague Comic-con with an unusual exhibition of technologies. Our walking ants, robotic snake, crawler robots, and the popular robotic dog SPOT will be displayed at the O2 Universum between 14th-16th April. There will also be a Van de Graaff generator, and thanks to a collaboration with Aignos, interested visitors can chat with an interactive AI-generated digital persona.

Visitors will leave our stand charged to 10,000 volts and full of knowledge. They will learn all about artificial intelligence, its use in practice as well as its possibilities, limitations, and risks. In addition, the stand will include a workshop on making a badge with your design.

During the lecture in the FutureLine hall, our experts from the Artificial Intelligence Center will present the latest trends in AI research. The speakers, Jiří Kubík and David Valouch, will explain what we use our robotic pets for and learn how everyone can get involved in research projects.

Comic-con Prague 2023 will be an excellent event for all comic, sci-fi, and fantasy nerds. The varied program will offer lots of fun for the whole family. Buy your tickets on the Comic-con website and come to the O2 Universum to have fun with SPOT robots and digital personas!

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Photo: FEE CTU Archive

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk