On-line open day for master's studies - 29 February 2024

On 29 February 2024, you can take a peek into the possibilities of Master's studies at FEE CTU from the comfort of your home, dormitory or apartment! Teachers, students and faculty will give you an overview of all seven Master's degree programmes - Cybernetics and Robotics, Electronics and Communications, Aerospace, Open Computer Science, Medical Electronics and Bioinformatics, Electrical Engineering, Energy and Management and the interfaculty programme Intelligent Buildings.

People from the faculty will talk about the conditions and requirements of study, the field of specialization offered, reconciling work and study, foreign internships, as well as the employment of graduates of FEE CTU.

The program of the DOD is divided into seven consecutive meetings. You will be able to visit discussions on various programmes and ask questions about what interests you. We will publish a detailed programme and a link to the event during February. Registration is not required to attend the Open Day.

Will there be other dates?

An online open day for those interested in and interested in Master's degree programmes is held once a year.

What if I miss the event?

If the current date of Open Day is not convenient for you and you are considering studying at FEE, you can ask here.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk