Life at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE)

Just learning and no fun? Oh, no! FEE is like a living organism - it moves and pulsates, especially thanks to the people who study, teach, and work here. Get ready for a whirlwind of student events, society involvement, and lots of fun right in the heart of the country. Studying in the capital means soaking up a unique atmosphere, picking up an extraordinary amount of knowledge, and making friends for life.

FEE CTU in Dejvice and at Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square)

What to expect, how to get between campuses, and where to eat well for a few pennies?

Campus Dejvice

Technická 2, Praha 6

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering is located here, it is a building on the Dejvice campus. It will be marked T2 in the timetable. The other half of the 1960s monoblock belongs to the Faculty of Engineering. Here you will find the most important things, for example the study department - when you enter through the main entrance, go to the left. 11 of the 17 departments of the faculty, the dean's office and other faculty units are located here.

Jugoslávských partyzánů 3

The designation on the schedule is JP. You probably won't have classes here in your first year. On the fifth floor of building "B" you will find the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Economics, Management and Humanities.

Food in Dejvice

You can use the cafeteria on the first floor of the T2 building. If the selection is different from your liking, you will also find the Student House Canteen or the Technical Canteen nearby, where you can have, for example, a luxurious steak at a student-friendly price. You don't need to order your meal in advance and you can pay with your student card, which can be topped up with credit at any canteen.

Study halls in Dejvice

You can find the FEL Café study room with refreshments if you go left on the ground floor through the main corridor towards the Faculty of Engineering. You will often meet friends from other faculties there.

On the way to the FEL Café you will come across the FELCOPY copy centre. In addition to printing the documents you need, you will find stationery and office supplies in the copy centre.

You will find the computer study room on the 4th floor, room T2:A4-404. It is accessible only with a student ID.

Locker room

From the beginning of October until the end of April, you can use the cloakroom in the basement of the building to put away your jacket or luggage. As soon as you enter the building, go down the stairs one floor below. Opening hours are from 7:00 am to 7:15 pm.

There are also a couple of hanging bike racks near the changing rooms.

Campus Karlovo náměstí

Karlovo náměstí 13

The fastest way to get to Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square) from Dejvice is to take the green (A) and then the yellow (B) metro lines, or take tram 18 directly (from Lotyšská or Vítězné náměstí stops). There are 4 departments here (Cybernetics, Control Engineering, Computer Science, Computers Graphics and Interaction); the two main lecture halls are named Zengerova (KN:E-107), which, incidentally, hosts occasional concerts, and Šrámkova (KN:E-301).

If you are only going to Karlovo náměstí for the Open Day, we recommend you at least take a peek at Dejvice another time. Courses of the KyR or OI programs, the so-called “programs from Karlák”, are mostly held in Dejvice during the freshman year. So don't let the schedule surprise you!

Food at “Karlák”

Near the Zenger Auditorium you will find a small cafeteria. In the courtyard you will find the canteen. It always offers several meals at reasonable prices. If you don't fancy the canteen's offer, there are plenty of other places to eat in the vicinity of Karlovo náměstí.

Student Associations

The students themselves organise student associations, societies, and clubs. Through them, students can share common interests, free time, and lots of experiences with someone else.

Overview of associations

Virtual Student Life

Where to meet classmates virtually? In addition to the popular faculty Dicsord, look for an official Facebook group named International Community FEE CTU in Prague.

FEE Discord


As a student at FEE, you can use the Institute of Physical Education and Sport at the CTU in Prague. You can choose from a vast range of activities: fitness training, swimming, tennis, wall climbing, volleyball, archery, power yoga, table tennis, geocaching, and more.

In summer and winter, you can go on training courses - windsurfing, boating, cycling, yoga, in short, you can do everything you can think of.

Institute of Physical Education and Sport



Generally, we expect international students to have at least a B2 level in English. For Erasmus and exchange students, a certificate of English language is required as an attachment to the application form. The International Student Club offers courses of English and many other languages.

The Department of Languages provides international students the option for Czech lessons for beginners and intermediate students. Moreover, the Department offers other language courses, such as French, German, Russian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Get to know FEE

Take part in themed events at the faculty and soak up the unique atmosphere of a metropolitan university. Interesting events are organised all year round, it is up to you to choose which one to attend and which one you will enjoy the most.


Cost of student life

  • Accommodation - about 4 000 CZK per month in a dormitory (the price per night varies between 70 - 215 CZK) or about 7 000 CZK per month in a private accommodation.

  • Food - about 2 000 CZK per month for lunches in the canteen (price per lunch varies between 53 - 113 CZK)‍.

  • Transport with ISIC card - weekend trips around the Czech Republic will cost only 50% of the full amount‍.

  • Transport with Lítačka Prague Travel Card- you will spend 130 CZK per month on Prague public transport.

  • Sports are free for FEE students at many sports venues‍.

  • Textbooks - many teaching materials are online and textbooks can be purchased second-hand or borrowed for free from the library‍.

  • Costs can be reduced with the help of scholarships - for example, all students at FELU are automatically entitled to a housing scholarship (you get about 500 CZK per month).


According to the Scholarship Regulations, as a FEE student, you can apply for a scholarship. In addition to the merit scholarship, international students can receive their designated scholarship. For Ukrainian students there is a special scholarship - Nikola Šohaj scholarship. Further information on the payment of scholarships can be found on the CTU website.

Our achievements and milestones

Before and After Arrival Guide

This is a special guide with “check-list” to help and advise you on all questions before and during the first week after arrival. We wish you a safe trip! Enjoy your studies at the most famous and oldest technical university in Central Europe!

Before and After Arrival Guide

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