Open Day for those interested in doctoral studies

When: Wednesday 27 March 2024, 18:00-19:30

Where: lecture room T2:D3-209, Technická 2, Dejvice

For whom: for those interested in a scientific career in the university sphere, scientific institutions such as the Academy of Sciences, scientific and development departments of companies. For those who want to push the boundaries of human knowledge.


  1. Opening remarks - Petr Páta, Dean of FELU
  2. Scientific activities and doctoral studies at CTU FEL - Milan Polívka, Vice Dean of DS and Science
  3. Medallions of successful graduates
  4. Discussion with the participation of supervisors, chairpersons of departmental councils, heads of departments and graduates.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU in Prague has long been ranked among the top ten scientific institutions in the Czech Republic. In the long term, it generates about one third of the scientific output of CTU measured by the number of impacted publications and citations. Scientific outputs include sold licenses of international patents. Electrical Engineering #201-250, Computer Science #151-200 (CTU, 2023: #378, 2022: #403, 2021: #432, 2020: #498, 2019: #531-540).

There are a number of research teams at the faculty, which you can join especially as a PhD student, but if you are really interested in science, you can start as a Master's student.

PhD candidates apply to a specific supervisor for a selected framework dissertation topic. The offer is indeed very diverse in terms of fields.

The role of the supervisor is crucial in doctoral studies. He or she should be a good scientist himself or herself, because you will work closely and over a long period of time on your chosen research topic under his or her guidance. You should therefore consult him/her about your ideas for your scientific work before submitting your application.

A prerequisite for admission to doctoral studies is a completed university degree in a master's programme. However, you can apply even if you do not yet have a degree, but you expect to pass the state examination before you start your doctoral studies.

The average net income of doctoral students with supervisors from CTU FEL (in the range of the 20th - 80th percentile) during the standard period of full-time doctoral studies is 22 - 45 thousand CZK/month, which corresponds to a gross income of 27 - 59 thousand CZK/month. The corresponding amounts, calculated only for the group of doctoral students who have both scholarship and grant project income, are: net income 35 - 52 thousand CZK per month, the corresponding gross income 44 - 67 thousand CZK/month.

The income is composed of a tax-free state scholarship supplemented by the internal Student Grant Competition and usually income from employment at the FELU - work on scientific projects. For exceptional results of creative work (e.g. articles in good impacted journals) or teaching activities, the dean usually awards a one-off special-purpose scholarship, which forms an incentive component of the income. Under these conditions, PhD students can devote themselves to scientific work full time.

Detailed information about doctoral studies

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk