Students with specific needs

All students deserve equal access to university programmes, including entrance examinations. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering offers support to students with disabilities, impairments or chronic illnesses. The aim of this activity is to make studies accessible to male and female students with specific needs, so that they can exercise their abilities and not be disadvantaged.

You can discuss your specific needs with us before you apply to FEE. We can adapt the admission procedure itself to your needs.

Barrier-free FEE

The long-term goal of CTU is to make the environment of higher education architecturally and structurally accessible to persons with disabilities. Therefore, within the framework of the Barrier-Free CTU project, barriers in the university buildings are continuously mapped and subsequently removed.

The FEE monoblock and the CIIRC building in Dejvice are barrier-free. The first floor of the indoor laboratories is barrier-free accessible via block B3. The ground floor of the indoor laboratories is wheelchair-accessible with assistance through the courtyard of the building. Buildings KN-E and KN-G on Charles Square are now only partially accessible. The FEE dispensary on Charles Square falls into the category of buildings that are difficult to access or inaccessible. Detailed descriptions of the buildings and their accessibility, including maps and floor plan diagrams, can be found on the ELSA Centre for Supporting Students with Special Needs website.

Services to overcome barriers

The ELSA Support Centre also offers students several types of services to overcome barriers. One of these is spatial orientation training, during which the student, with the help of a guide, practices safe movement in buildings and learning spaces. In addition, students can use a personal assistance service to get help with, for example, administrative tasks. A sign language interpreter service is available for students with hearing impairments. Students with upper limb disabilities are entitled to access to study literature, among other things. An overview of all the services offered can be found on the ELSA Support Centre website.

Individual access to learners with special needs

Student documentation is kept at the ELSA Support Centre for Students with Special Needs at CTU, which coordinates the University's disability services. The ELSA Center may also provide or modify accommodations during the semester, but no later than the beginning of the final exam period.

  1. Contact the ELSA Center with a specification of your needs (ideally before you apply to study).
  2. The centre will consult with you to develop a comprehensive and individualised access plan.
  3. All arrangements are made in accordance with the standards set by the Department of Education, Youth and Sport.
  4. All services and accommodation are provided free of charge.

- More about the ELSA Centre

Accommodation for students with disabilities

FEL is committed to supporting learners with specific needs by striving to provide appropriate services and accommodation while supporting them to develop the skills necessary to become independent learners.

Accommodation is available to learners whose disabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • specific Learning Disability - Dyslexia,

  • attention deficit disorder,

  • autism spectrum disorder,

  • intellectual disability,

  • chronic illness,

  • visual impairment,

  • hearing impairment,

  • mobility impairment.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk