• Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    Study Office
    Technická 2
    166 27 Praha

Ms. Barbora Sovová
 Study Officer for International Bachelor's Students
 Phone: (+420) 22435 2027
 Fax: (+420) 22435 5840

Mgr. Petra Hofmanová
 Study Officer for International Master's Students
 Phone: (+420) 22435 2106
 Fax: (+420) 22435 5840

Ing. Hana Matunová
 Study Officer for Socrates/Erasmus Students
 Phone: (+420) 22435 3903

Ms. Dana Peřichová
 Study Officer for Socrates/Erasmus Students
 Phone: (+420) 22435 3915

prof. Ing. Jiří Jakovenko, Ph.D.
 Vice-Dean for Education

Study office

With specific questions about the admissions process, special requirements, etc. you can contact the study office.

Write to the study office

+/-FEL student association

If you don't want to ask our students publicly, use the email of the +/-FEE student association.

Write to students


Virtually, the faculty Discord is the most alive right now. After enrolling you have access to all channels, before enrolling only to some:



Facebook group

In the FB group (Zeptej se studentů FEL ČVUT! - skupina pro zájemce o studium) you can ask your questions or read previous questions and advice of others..


Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk