Students Associations

Student societies are organised by the students themselves. This gives you the opportunity to share common interests, free time and lots of experiences with someone else.

Societies at FEE

Societies at CTU

In addition to faculty student societies, you can also join university societies, which bring together members from all faculties of the CTU.

Student Union

The CTU Student Union organizes student festivals, balls and also takes care of information for current and future students. It also includes many student clubs.


Galibi is a university LGBT+ club of the CTU Student Union in Prague.

ETC – Embedded Technology Club

ETC is a club for high school students and interested students from CTU. The content is the basics of electronics and digital technology, implementation of embedded systems with 32-bit processors and ARM Cortex - M core.

CTU Drone Academy

The aim of the CTU Drone Academy is to provide students with interesting extracurricular activities focused on unmanned flying vehicles. The CTU Drone Academy includes not only practical piloting lessons, but also competitions, interesting lectures on current topics and much more.

Lectures are also intended for the general public. Listeners will learn, for example, how to build and operate their own drone, or get an overview of current technologies in use.

Comica Economica

Art at a technical college? Sure. The Comica Economica Student Theatre brings together talented students from CTU and VŠE, with performances featuring amateur theatre plays and jazz music. If you want to develop your passion for music and theatre, signing up for the student theatre is the only logical step.


IAESTE is an international, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organization that brings together students and academics around the world to promote the professional and personal development of students and young graduates. The Czech branch is IAESTE Czech Republic, which arranges foreign internships for more than a hundred Czech university students each year and provides internships in the Czech Republic for about the same number of foreign interns.

International Students Club

The International Student Club CTU in Prague brings together international students and offers domestic students, for example, the possibility of Buddy Programmes.

University Sport Club CTU

The CTU University Sport Club is part of the Institute of Physical Education and Sport. It offers a wide and varied range of sports activities.

Engineers Prague

Engineers Prague is a hockey team of the universities of CTU, VŠE and ČZU in Prague, founded in 2017 as a successor to Technika Praha, which participated in the European University Hockey League (EUHL) between 2015-2019.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk