Why study at FEE CTU

You have the critical task of choosing your Alma Mater - the school that will prepare you for your future professional life. If you are looking for a technical faculty that has earned a reputation for its individual learning approach to students and professionally friendly atmosphere, FEE is the right choice!

Individual learning approach

There are only eight students per teacher, which allows us to provide a truly individual approach to teaching. The study is selective, and it is not easy to graduate from FEE. It takes diligence and determination, but it is worth it. Thanks to top-quality education, our graduates have a competitive advantage at interviews and do not face unemployment.

All your interests

We are not just an electrical engineering faculty - we combine electronics and computer science. The range of what you can study at FEL is broad, from computer science, robotics and cybernetics to energy and management, biomedicine, and art.

Study programmes

Quality background

We are proud of our unique high-voltage laboratory, a special acoustic shock-free chamber, a perfectly equipped AV studio, a 5G and 6G mobile networks research lab, or a brand-new nanoelectric technology lab.

In addition, we have state-of-the-art robotics facilities with industrial robots and humanoids, we are equipped with computing clusters, and we have dedicated workstations focused on computer graphics.

Video tours of laboratories

International success

FEE is one of the top faculties in research and science. In addition to our success at conferences, we win medals in prestigious international competitions. You must have heard about the SPOT robotic dog and its deployment in the DARPA SubT Challenge, the eForce team's electric formulae and their laurels in the Formula Student series, or the automatic video styling used by Disney in their films.

Top people in front of the board

You will work with experts with a track record of international experience, research projects, published scientific papers, and citations (high h-index). At the same time, they often work closely together on commercial or public projects.

According to the ranking of the best institutions in Computer Science, our faculty's computer scientists are among the European leaders in selected fields. In the field of Computer Vision, it ranks among the top four European institutions in the evaluation of scientific results in the period 2018 to 2021.

Student and alumni stories

High position in university rankings

According to the prestigious international QS Ranking, electrical engineering and computer science from FEE stand the best in the Czech Republic. And the important thing is that we are constantly improving! Moreover, CTU is the best Czech technical university according to the QS Ranking. It is the strongest in the average number of students per lecturer, its reputation among employers, or the number of international students.

Foreign opportunities

You can travel abroad for a semester or a full year while you study. You will get to see a piece of the world, make new friends, gain experience, and get a valuable notch on your CV. In addition to the traditional Erasmus trip or Double Degree programme, our students can get an internship at IBM in Switzerland or the US headquarters of Google and Facebook. Knowledge from the FEE will stand up well in international competition.

Technologies of the future

We do not just keep our finger on the pulse of the times, we want to be ahead of the curve. With us, you can focus on the problems that society will be dealing with in 10 years. Knowledge gained at FEE does not just become obsolete.

Our achievements and milestones

Balanced theory and practice

At FEE CTU, it is not just about programming and mathematics. You will learn to invent and construct many devices yourself. Moreover, the faculty collaborate with prestigious and cutting-edge institutions. Industrial practice is both the source of inspiration and the measure of success for our teaching and research.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk