Lifelong learning

You could spend a lifetime with electronics and computer science at FELU and there will always be something to discover, explore and innovate. We welcome people of all ages, education levels and careers.

How to apply?

The procedure for applying to study individual subjects within Lifelong Learning:

  1. Choose the subjects you are interested in studying (only subjects listed in the relevant semester can be enrolled),
  2. complete the LLL contract,
  3. attach a nostrificated certificate of your school leaving certificate/university diploma,
  4. hand in the contract including the attachments in person to Ms. Dana Peřichová (, phone 22435 3915) at the Faculty's Study Department in the first or second week of the semester,
  5. within 24 hours of registering the contract at the study department, pay the relevant fee in cash through the payment gateway. Failure to pay the fee on time will invalidate the contract.

The participant fee for these courses is based on the number of credits enrolled. Each credit is calculated to the amount of:

  • 2 000 CZK for being taught in the English language.

The departments may list other lifelong learning courses, the price of which is calculated individually. The faculty also opens courses customized to the client’s requirements.

CTU courses for the public

Vocationally oriented courses directly contribute to a person's career and thus to his/her economic activity. Preparatory courses for university studies enable participants to broaden or strengthen their knowledge, especially in mathematics, physics, descriptive geometry, and enable foreign participants to obtain in language courses the necessary certificate of knowledge of the Czech language for subsequent study programmes in the Czech language.

Courses for the public are intended for interested members of the public, either to develop knowledge and skills essential for a particular profession or as preparatory courses for university studies.

Offer of courses

University of the Third Age

The University of the Third Age is a specific, interest-oriented type of lifelong learning with the aim of personal development of the individual, not the acquisition of a university degree. The basic mission of U3V is to make university knowledge, knowledge and skills in the fields of technical and natural sciences, history, culture, etc. available to people of post-productive age.

U3V at CTU

The University of the Third Age is intended for people who are entitled to a retirement pension and have reached the age of 60. Graduates of U3V courses and programmes are issued with a certificate by the CTU in Prague, which is handed over after the end of the academic year during a festive assembly in Bethlehem Chapel. The amount of payment for U3V courses is governed by the Rector's Order on payments for extraordinary and extra-standard administrative tasks.

Offer of lectures

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk