Tomáš Trejdl, a student of FEE CTU, is on the Czech Forbes 30 under 30 list! He was awarded for the development of a mouse pad that protects hands

Science and Research

Tomáš Trejdl, a student of FEE CTU, is in this year's ranking of 30 under 30 in the czech edition of Forbes magazine! The twenty-five-year-old Trejdl's place in the prestigious list of 30 talented people from the Czech Republic under 30 was earned by his collaboration on the Wrest. He and his friend Vasil Kostin, a medical student at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University, developed a special mouse pad to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

The syndrome, which has symptoms such as wrist tingling and loss of sensitivity in the fingers, affects one in ten computer users, according to statistics. Three out of ten people who work on a computer every day suffer from wrist pain. Even young people undergo surgery because of carpal tunnel syndrome.

According to Trejdl, a student in the Open Informatics master's program, the principle of the smart pad is that the pad, together with a PC application, monitors the position of the user's hand on the mouse. And it sends an alert if it is in the wrong position or if the person works for a long time without a break. The innovative idea, on which Trejdl worked as a programmer, succeeded beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. It made it to the world final of the Red Bull Basement young innovators' projects in Istanbul. And it was ranked among the top 10 projects.

Trejdl told FEE CTU in an interview last year that the final brought the pair experience and contacts. The authors are further developing the project and are currently preparing to set up a spinoff. Trejdl will also spend a semester in Australia, where he will work on user experience design and finish his master's thesis.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk