World ranking of Electrical Formulas: the student team from FEE CTU jumped to the seventeenth place, it is ninth in Europe

For students

The student racing team eForce FEE Prague Formula from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU has significantly jumped in the main category of the ranking of 279 student teams from all over the world. It is in the top ten European teams, 17th globally and first among competitors from domestic universities. This is one of the best rankings in eForce team history. Students from different faculties of the CTU, especially from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, collaborate on the design of the piloted and autonomous electric formula.

"The previous racing season was one of the most successful in the team's history. Two eForce monoposts competed in six races - in Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Croatia and last but not least at home races in the Czech Republic. All in all, the team won many valuable places in individual disciplines: eight first places, six second places and four third places," described the team captain Tomáš Krejčí, a student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, who also works at the Department of Electric Drives and Traction FEE CTU.

The prestigious ranking is led by the team from Universität Stuttgart, with Nagoya University in second place and the bronze going to New Zealand - to competitors from the University of Auckland. According to another eForce member, Jan Cába, the team from CTU was ranked 48th at the end of 2021. It jumped a respectable 30 places. "But the rankings have not been updated much during the covid pandemic," said Cába, who is in responsible for promoting eForce.

The current challenge? Two formulas in one!

Last year, the Prague team "broke" the record for the number of races in which its piloted and autonomous formula participated. This season will also be very busy for eForce members, and with a new addition. The team, which has so far raced with an electric piloted formula and an electric autonomous formula, is working on combining these cars into one. "The formula will thus be able to run both with and without a pilot," Krejci pointed out.

The team is reacting to the fact that the organisers of the most prestigious race in Germany, Formula Student Germany, have decided that only one racing category will remain - autonomous electric. In order to continue to race in the world's top competition, eForce must build a formula according to these rules. "Our team would then like to build on its success in the 2023 season. At the beginning of July, it will defend its first place in Switzerland. After that, it will take part in races in Italy, Czech Republic and the most prestigious races in Germany," Krejci concluded. The team will introduce the new formula in the spring.

The eForce FEE Prague Formula team consists of over 60 people in the academic year 2022/23. Students can test their knowledge of technology, electrical engineering, electronics, IT and management in practice while planning and building the formulas. The first electric piloted formula was built by former team members in 2010. The next big breakthrough came in 2020, when eForce, despite the challenging conditions and limitations due to the covid-19 pandemic, managed to build and operate the first fully autonomous formula in the Czech Republic.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk