Academics, students and companies gather at CTU Battery Day. They will address trends in energy storage

For students

The first edition of the CTU Battery Day seminar is approaching. Experts from our university, in cooperation with representatives of the Danish Aalborg University, will present their research activities on batteries. The seminar is preceded by a three-day Battery Course. Both events are free of charge. Participants can register for one or both events.

The CTU Battery Day will offer state-of-the-art research. Most of the roughly 15-minute presentations will be given in English. There will be space for questions from the audience after each presentation. In addition to students and academics from across the universities, the conference is designed for representatives from industry as well. It is also an excellent opportunity to make new and refresh existing contacts.

"The event will benefit companies doing business in segments such as automotive, electro-mobility, grid distribution, transmission systems, photovoltaics or energy. The seminar is also beneficial, for example, for recycling companies that want to optimise processes using automation and robotics," said the main organiser, Dr. Václav Knap, from the Department of Electrotechnology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague. Knap also added that the university recently joined the Czech Battery Cluster, which brings together the most important players in the Czech battery industry.

At the seminar, speakers include representatives of the Department of Electrotechnology, the Department of Electric Drives and Traction and the Department of Control Engineering of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU. Their colleagues from the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings at CTU, Faculty of Transport, and Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering will also contribute as speakers. There are also foreign guests - Daniel-Ioan Stroe and Søren Byg Vilsen from Aalborg University, Denmark.

The CTU Battery Day occurs on 20th April 2023 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Dejvice campus, Prague. The seminar is free of charge. However, as the capacity is limited, it is necessary to register in advance on the following website: Registration - Electrotechnology (

The complete conference programme can be found on the CTU Battery Day website.

Battery course

CTU Battery Day is preceded by the Battery Course. It is designed for students, academics and company representatives who want to expand their knowledge in the field of batteries.

Over the course of three days, participants will first learn about the basics and applications of lithium-ion batteries, then about their performance and degradation behaviour. The final day will focus on aspects of battery condition estimation, a highly sought-after feature of state-of-the-art battery management systems. Attendees can choose to attend all three days or only select ones.

he sessions in English will be led by Václav Knap from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU and Daniel-Ioan Stroe and Søren Byg Vilsen from Aalborg University, Denmark.

The course will run from 17th to 19th April 2023. As with the seminar, due to limited capacity, registration is required.

The complete programme of the Battery Course papers can be found here:

Battery course - Electrotechnology (

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk