Electrical Engineering and Computer Science faculties of technical universities in the Czech and Slovak Republics establish a joint alliance

On 15-17 May 2023, the next edition of the Meeting of Faculties of Electrical Engineering and Similar Technical Colleges and Universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - FELAPO 2023 - took place. This is an important meeting of the leaders of electrical engineering and information faculties - deans, vice-deans, secretaries and chairs of academic senates in the field of electrical engineering and computer science. This event, held annually since 1990, has become a vehicle for sharing information, solving problems and presenting the latest trends and experiences.

One of the greatest contributions of this year's FELAPO is the formal establishment of the "Alliance for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science". This alliance, which is composed of electrical engineering and computer science faculties in the Czech and Slovak Republics, has become an important entity for joint activities in this field. The Alliance aims to coordinate and promote cooperation between faculties, to share resources and knowledge and to work together towards innovation and development in electrical engineering and informatics.
The faculties take turns in organizing the meeting, with FELAPO 2023 being taken over by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU in Prague. A total of 16 faculties sent representatives to the Liblice Chateau, 11 from the Czech Republic and 5 from Slovakia.
The Dean of the organizing Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU, Prof. Petr Páta, is convinced that closer cooperation between the faculties of electrical engineering and computer science will lead to further development of the field. "Electrical engineering and informatics education is crucial not only for the domestic industry, but its importance is also growing for other disciplines and the whole Czech society as technology is increasingly influencing the shape of other professions," pronounced Petr Páta.
FELAPO 2023 brought many opportunities for discussions, sharing knowledge and making new contacts. Discussions during the meeting focused on various sub-topics that are important in teaching, research or relations with industrial partners. Meeting participants shared their experiences and insights on collaborating with companies, dealing with partners, protecting intellectual property, strategic management and other similar challenges. From these discussions, it is clear that these issues are generally shared among meeting participants and that addressing them is key to the development of the industry.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk