Šárka Jablonská from FEL will represent the Czech Republic at the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels

Science and Research

The European Sustainable Energy Week organizers have selected Ing. Šárka Jablonská from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University to speak at the conference in Brussels as a youth ambassador. She will be the only one representing the Czech Republic. Šárka Jablonská is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Economics, Management and Humanities and the author of the successful project Felácká holka.

"I like challenges and I think the transformation of the European energy sector will be a big challenge in the coming years. I can say that studying at FEE CTU was such a challenge for me that I successfully mastered it. The energy sector has grown close to my heart. I definitely want to continue working in it," said Ing. Jablonská. "Sustainability means that we can't just be driven by political decisions or the fact that green energy is just in. We also have to think about other aspects - economic, social, security of supply and the overall stability of the grid," she added.

Šárka Jablonská's dissertation examines the potential of green hydrogen to replace natural gas. She is also partly developing the topic of green hydrogen from her position as ESG project manager. (The abbreviation ESG stands for sustainable investments that meet conditions in three criteria: environment, social and corporate governance.)

Šárka Jablonská founded her blog, Felácká holka, in January 2021. She shares not only her enthusiasm for technical fields, especially mathematics and energy but also various tips and tricks for studying. Especially popular among students are her videos in which she explains individual mathematical operations in an accessible way.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk