T-shirts, mugs, cups, and other products featuring the FEE logo are now available in the university e-shop

Are you proud students, graduates or employees of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU? And would you like others to see it at a glance? There is nothing easier than to get a T-shirt, a sweatshirt or even a mug from the range of products with the FEL logo. Now everyone can buy them and many other practical things online.

Recently, the CTU university e-shop has added a new section called "FEL Souvenirs", where you can quickly find items with the FEE logo. The ordered goods can be delivered by post or collected at the CTU Information Centre at Jugoslávských partyzánů 3.

Among the most popular products are T-shirts featuring a heart motif or pouches creatively designed as a circuit board with a lion in the middle. The lion, proudly represented in CTU's logo, is also printed on the faculty sweatshirt. Additionally, you can find faculty socks or caps to complement your style.

However, the selection of items goes beyond clothing. There are various options, from larger tea cups to cups for small Italian espressos. You can also find practical lanyards and stationery such as notebooks, pencils, and pens. For those who prefer to work in silence, the e-shop even offers faculty earplugs. A FEE CTU lapel badge will certainly come in handy for representative or social events, especially with prom season approaching.

Moreover, a brand new product is on its way, but it's being kept as a surprise for now. You'll hear about it in the autumn.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk