Daria Mikhaylovskaya from FEE was awarded a prestigious prize by Google

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The prestigious Generation Google Scholarship: for women in computer science was awarded this year to Daria Mikhaylovskaya, a student of the Open Informatics (OI) program at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU. The expert jury was impressed by the wide range of activities Daria Mikhaylovskaya is engaged in during her studies and the successes she has already achieved. The student works in the humanoid robotics team at the CTU Faculty of Engineering led by Associate Professor Matej Hofmann.

Daria became interested in robotics during her studies at high school. "I applied for the OI internship program at the FEE for high school students. I was chosen," said the student. The internship inspired her to apply to FEE and the collaboration with the lab continued during her studies. 

"I am now in my third year working in the humanoid robot lab. We study how young children learn and discover the world and develop artificial intelligence based on these findings," Daria Mikhaylovskaya described. "I primarily work with the humanoid robot Pepper, where I developed an app representing our lab, and I also control the robot during various events. Now I am also working on the humanoid robot iCub, specifically its vision - we are working on making the robot see as well as possible and recognize humans," the student explained. She noted that studying at FEL has "changed her life".

With an already busy schedule, Daria also found the energy for other challenges. During the 2022 holidays, Daria completed an internship at Microsoft in Prague and in Apple's Prague development office in the summer of 2023. "Both experiences were beneficial and I'm glad I learned things at OI that made me do those internships. It was a highlight to get to work at Apple, where I developed the operating system for the iPhone," the student summarized. 

And it was Daria Mikhaylovskaja's extensive and varied portfolio of experience that also led to the award from Google. "First I sent my CV, a cover letter. Then there was an interview, after which I advanced to the semi-finals, where I presented what I do in my scientific work and what my practical experience is - including the internships above. The main thing that was judged was my motivation and the contribution of what I am researching to the future," recalled Daria Mikhaylovskaya. Winning the final earned her the opportunity to represent FEL at the European level, and she will also speak at a Google conference in a European city. 


Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk