Lukáš Nejezchleb from FEE CTU has the Stanislav Hanzel Award for outstanding academic results

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Among this year's winners of the Stanislav Hanzl Prize is Lukáš Nejezchleb from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU. Nine students from various faculties of CTU received the award at the end of November in the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague - for outstanding results in their studies, as well as scientific, professional, and other significant activities.

Lukáš Nejezchleb is studying the first year of the Master's programme in Cybernetics and Robotics. Among other things, Nejezchleb graduated with honors with the Bachelor's degree in the same programme and his Bachelor's thesis on a module for measuring hysteresis loops of magnetically soft materials was also awarded. 

Other laureates of this year's Stanislav Hanzel Prize are Jakub Šurovský from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ing. Petr Červenka from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Bc. Daniela Opočenská from the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering, Mgr. Lucia Mlynčeková Tóthová from the Faculty of Architecture, Ing. et Ing. Radim Dvořák from the Faculty of Transport, Ing. Christiane Malá from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Ing. Dominik Soukup from the Faculty of Information Technology and Bc. Alexandra Svobodová from Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies. 

Following the legacy of the Rector Emeritus, Professor Stanislav Hanzel, the support of the Foundation is directed in particular towards the modernization of studies and deepening their compatibility with studies at European technical universities, increasing student mobility and internationalization of studies. 

Photo: CTU

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk