Semestrale exhibition started at the FEE, works of three female students were awarded at the opening

For students

The work of students who have completed the Graphic Design and 3D Modelling courses in the winter semester can be viewed at the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction at the CTU Faculty of Engineering, Charles Square in Prague. The Semester exhibition started on Tuesday, March 19 with an opening ceremony, during which the three best student works were awarded. This year, the 24th edition of the exhibition took place.

In the Graphic Design course, which is taught by the academic painter Lucie Svobodová, were awarded Veronika Mayrichová and Anna Kachmascheva, both students of the Software Engineering and Technology programme. Mayrichová was awarded in the Drawing category and Kachmascheva was awarded in the Graphic Design. In the 3D modelling course, taught by Dr. David Sedlacek, the best work was created by Hanna Hliavitskaya, a third-year student of the Open Informatics programme. 

"I have always enjoyed drawing, I have been drawing since I was a little girl," said Veronika Mairychová, who was the only one to receive the award on Tuesday. "Recently I have found myself in digital drawing a lot, I do a lot of digital illustrations. My bachelor's thesis will be a game that I drew," Mairychová described, adding that she enjoyed the Graphic Design course and also took 3D modelling. In her upcoming bachelor's thesis, she said it is an educational game for primary and secondary school students. "The aim is to educate them about cyber security, about the various dangers on the internet. The illustrations are all mine, there is also a kind of comic style," the student added. She noted that there are plans for future distribution in some primary schools.

The opening was introduced by a musical performance by the multi-genre guitarist Jan Kysela. During the opening, Prof. Jiří Žára, head of the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction and member of the band Oldneas, joined the concert.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk