Miroslav Purkrábek and Jiří Matas from FEE CTU won the award for the best poster at the conference in Turkey

At the end of May, the 18th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face & Gesture Recognition was organized in Istanbul, the leading international forum for the research of image- and video-based recognition of faces, gestures, and body movements. The "Best Poster Award" was awarded to PhD student Ing. Miroslav Purkrábek and his mentor Prof. Jiří Matas from the Visual Recognition Group at the Department of Cybernetics, FEE CTU.

"This is an award for our presentation and poster. We have also prepared a web page presenting a new approach for generating synthetic data to train human pose estimation and promote our research. Our method is about how to "easily and cheaply" improve a model for human pose analysis," said Ing. Purkrábek.


Photos by Hasan Kucuk

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk