doc. Ing. Pavel Hazdra, Ph.D.

Archive of PhD students

prof. Ing. Miloslav Čapek, Ph.D.

Department of Electromagnetic Field

Modal analysis and optimization of radiating planar structures

Dissertation topics

Electromagnetic structures with higher symmetries

  • Branch of study: Electrical Engineering and Communications
  • Department: Department of Electromagnetic Field
    • Description:
      The topic of the thesis will be the research of electromagnetic structures with higher symmetries. Investigation of their theoretical and application aspects is envisaged to create tools for analysis and synthesis of novel radiating, scattering, and guiding electromagnetic structures for future communication systems. The work will be based on the theory of electromagnetic field, theory of antenna and microwave technique and algorithmization of current and newly created methods for analysis and synthesis of electromagnetic structures.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk