Electromagnetic fields

Related research groups and laboratories

Antennas, EMC and EM field simulation

The team is involved in the research, design and development of a wide range of antenna types: planar, horn, UWB, Yagi-Uda, special feeds for reflector systems, etc.

Wireless and fiber optics group

Our research team conducts wireless and fiber-optics research from the visible to the mid-infrared wavelengths. We focus on three main communication topics: fiber-optic communication, visible light communication and optical camera communication. Furthermore, we combine fiber optics with microwaves and antennas as part of the framework of microwave photonics. We also study free-space optics, develop fiber-optic sensors and work with state-of-the-art hollow-core optical fibers. Recently, we also started research into quantum communication (quantum key distribution).

Computational Electromagnetics Group (CEM)

The group is involved in researching elements of electromagnetism from static to optical frequencies, particularly by the use of numerical modeling, topology optimization, and fundamental bounds. The group's primary focus is the study of electromagnetic phenomena associated with communication technologies, with a important interest in the development of efficient software tools in the framework of computational electromagnetism.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk